I started running in 2008 and traveled across the United States to participate in numerous distance races. In 2015, I tried a triathlon and got hooked right away.
I fell in love with the training. I found a coach to teach me swimming techniques and I invested in a beautiful road bike. I also kept running and have run two 50-mile races since then.
Eventually, I began observing the lack of diversity, as I started placing at specific distances. I took it upon myself to attempt to enter more races.
At races I try to wear vibrant colors to stand out and wave at kids that I see in the crowds. I wrote this book to inspire my daughter to try triathlons as she grows up, I also want to encourage young girls who don't usually see athletes like me in books.
After I started racing, I came across amazing triathletes like Sika Henry and Max Fennell and ultramarathon runner Mirna Valerio who are redefining the world of distance sports and what athletes usually look like.
I hope reading this book will help motivate companies to sponsor programs to help underprivileged kids get access to pools, equipment and racing. My goal is to inspire others (including my daughter) to come to love the sport as much as I do.

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