I am thrilled to announce the release of the third volume of Blacks in Portraits, a series that has always been close to my heart. In this edition, I continue to share the remarkable stories of trailblazing and visionary figures from the Black community, whose achievements, contributions, and experiences have shaped our world. Through vivid and engaging storytelling, I invite you to explore the pages of this book and discover the journeys of these inspirational individuals. From activists to artists, scientists to entrepreneurs, each story offers a unique perspective on Black excellence and resilience. As you delve into these pages, I hope you will feel enlightened and empowered by the stories of these remarkable individuals. Let their journeys spark a fire within you and encourage you to continue learning, growing, and taking action in support of a more just and equitable world. Join me on this journey of discovery and celebration, and share this book with others who seek inspiration and hope in these challenging times.

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