Drawing of Dr. Helen Magill White

Dr. Helen Magill White, “was the first woman to earn a PhD in the United States. She was born to a Quaker family and raised to believe that both men and women had the same right to an education. She graduated with a PhD in Greek from Boston University in 1887.”

Drawing of Dr. Asima Chatterjee

Dr. Asima Chatterjee. “In 1944, she became the first woman to receive a Doctorate of Science from an Indian university. Her research led to the development of anti-malarial drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, and advancements in chemotherapy. Chatterjee would go on to receive several awards for her contributions to the medical community as well as become the first female scientist to be elected as the President of the Indian Science Congress Association. She passed away  in 2006 at age 89.”

Drawing of Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta. “The 87-year-old civil rights activist has been fighting for the rights of workers, immigrants, and women since the 1940s—with no plans of stopping soon. She spoke to Broadly about fighting to keep DACA recipients protected under Trump.”

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