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Of course, I’ve been so busy lately but I wanted to make this announcement. I now have an online store? Well, sort of. Currently using society6 to post some of my work.

I hardly make anything off it because they are doing the production. However, I wanted to provide some access to my work. I figured apparel would be a good idea. I also have an etsy (this is where I get actual payment since these are produced by myself). So, feel free to support thestarving artist (You’d be surprised that I actually don’t make money off my art—just my professional skills).

I always believe in supporting other artist’s work, so I hope to share an entry soon of the works that I’ve collected or want to collect within the next year.

*thanks again everyone!

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I am a marketing professional, brand specialist, adrenaline seeker, inspirer, Caribbean Islander, Sr. Art Director/Dev, Published Illustrator, Triathlete, Ultramarathoner (furthest 50 miles) and Marathoner (who has completed over 15 distances), 2x Ragnar finisher and 2x Tough Mudders finisher and I blog about my #commuteart here.


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